Sitemap - 2023 - Dwarkesh Podcast

Will scaling work?

$2000 Clips Competition

Jung Chang - Living through Cultural Revolution and the Crimes of Mao

Andrew Roberts - SV's Napoleon Cult, Why Hitler Lost WW2, Churchill as Applied Historian

Dominic Cummings - COVID, Brexit, & Fixing Western Governance

Paul Christiano - Preventing an AI Takeover

Shane Legg (DeepMind Founder) - 2028 AGI, New Architectures, Aligning Superhuman Models

Grant Sanderson (3Blue1Brown) - Past, Present, & Future of Mathematics

Sarah C. M. Paine - WW2, Taiwan, Ukraine, & Maritime vs Continental Powers

Dario Amodei (Anthropic CEO) - Scaling, Alignment, & AI Progress

Andy Matuschak - Self-Teaching, Spaced Repetition, & Why Books Don’t Work

Carl Shulman (Pt 2) - AI Takeover, Bio & Cyber Attacks, Detecting Deception, & Humanity's Far Future

Carl Shulman (Pt 1) - Intelligence Explosion, Primate Evolution, Robot Doublings, & Alignment

Contra Marc Andreessen on AI

Richard Rhodes - Making of Atomic Bomb, AI, WW2, Oppenheimer, & Abolishing Nukes

Lessons from The Years of Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro

Eliezer Yudkowsky - Why AI Will Kill Us, Aligning LLMs, Nature of Intelligence, SciFi, & Rationality

Ilya Sutskever (OpenAI Chief Scientist) - Building AGI, Alignment, Future Models, Spies, Microsoft, Taiwan, & Enlightenment

Nat Friedman - Reading Ancient Scrolls, Open Source, & AI

Brett Harrison - FTX US Former President & HFT Veteran Speaks Out

Marc Andreessen - AI, Crypto, 1000 Elon Musks, Regrets, Vulnerabilities, & Managerial Revolution

Garett Jones - Immigration, National IQ, & Less Democracy

Lars Doucet - Progress, Poverty, Georgism, & Why Rent is Too Damn High

Holden Karnofsky - Transformative AI & Most Important Century