Garett Jones - Immigration, National IQ, & Less DemocracyListen now | How migrants bring their values to their new countries, Why national IQ matters, How the Chinese people are an unstoppable global force for…
Lars Doucet - Progress, Poverty, Georgism, & Why Rent is Too Damn HighListen now | "completely changed how I think about who creates value in the world and who leaches off it."
Holden Karnofsky - Transformative AI & Most Important CenturyListen now | AI, Progress, Digital People, Ethics, & a $30m grant to OpenAI

December 2022

Aarthi & Sriram - Twitter, 10x Engineers, & MarriageListen now | what Sriram would say if Elon tapped him to be the next CEO of Twitter, why more married couples don’t start businesses together, and how…
Bethany McLean - Enron, FTX, 2008, Musk, Frauds, & VisionariesListen now | This was one of my favorite episodes ever. Bethany McLean broke the Enron story & has written some of the best finance books out there. We…
Nadia Asparouhova - Tech Elites, Democracy, Open Source, & PhilanthropyListen now | On the culture of the new tech elite, the priorities of their philanthropy, and the limitations of democracy in open source
Aella - Sex, Psychedelics, & EnlightenmentListen now (77 min) | Sex tips, porn revolutions, elites, consent, & trads
Byrne Hobart - FTX, Drugs, Twitter, Taiwan, & MonasticismListen now (91 min) | what happened at FTX, how drugs explain past financial bubbles, whether Musk Twitter will succeed, and much much more!

November 2022

Edward Glaeser - Cities, Terrorism, Housing, & Remote WorkListen now | why Cities are resilient to terrorism, remote work, & pandemics, Silicon Valley may collapse, Opioids show UBI is not a solution to AI, …
Kenneth T. Jackson - Robert Moses, Hero of New York?Listen now | I had a fascinating discussion about Robert Moses and The Power Broker with Professor Kenneth T. Jackson. He's the pre-eminent historian on…

October 2022

Brian Potter - Future of Construction, Ugly Modernism, & Environmental Review Listen now | Why construction isn’t getting cheaper and faster, Environmental review makes new construction expensive and delayed, “Ugly” modern…
Bryan Caplan - Feminists, Billionaires, and DemagoguesListen now | Why the universe hates women, praising billionaires, anarcho-capitalism as the ultimate form of government, and much more!