I’m the host of The Lunar Society Podcast, where I interview intellectuals, scientists, historians, economists, and founders about their big ideas (YouTubeApple Podcasts, Spotify).

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Tyler Cowen (source): “Highly rated but still underrated!”

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Jordan Schneider @jordanschnyc
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José Luis Ricón Fernández de la Puente @ArtirKel
To my taste, @dwarkesh_sp is probably the best podcaster there is right now. Both he and @tylercowen research their guests in depth and try to ask novel questions. But Dwarkesh is more serious about intellectual exploration (at the expense of cultural aspects)


I graduated from UT Austin with a CS degree December 2021.



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I interview scientists, historians, economists, intellectuals, & founders. I ask really good questions.


Dwarkesh Patel
I host the Lunar Society Podcast.