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If you dump a prehistoric person at the age of let's say 50 into modern society they would be considered stupid and incapable of most things and would dump any IQ test we could give them because they wouldn't understand the concepts. We would think of them as less intelligent.

If you take the same persons new born child and could fast forward into today and let them grow up here they would be having no problem growing up in society and being plotted onto that distribution curve somewhere.

The distribution of intelligence based on one set off principle like IQ, in a society have nothing to do with the ability understand or explain. Most IQ tests have to do with language and the lack of vocabulary. That some people are better at it than others doesn't mean anything. There are things very smart people don't understand either.

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In short, would you say that Deutsch’s theory is just too abstract? Ironically he might be too smart for his own good if intelligence is defined in humans as the ability to abstract and manipulate the abstractions. In other words, yes, if given unlimited time and resources, a stupid person could discover relativity or invent AI or whatever, but on a practical, real-world level, they can’t.

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