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Scott Young - Ultralearning

Scott Young - Ultralearning

Transcript + YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify | Aggressive self-directed learning

Scott is the author of Ultralearning and famous for the MIT Challenge, where he taught himself MIT's 4 year Computer Science curriculum in 1 year.

I had a blast chatting with Scott Young about aggressive self-directed learning. Scott has some of the best advice out there about learning hard things. It has helped yours truly prepare to interview experts and dig into interesting subjects.  

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(00:00) - Intro 

(01:00) - Einstein 

(13:20) - Age 

(18:00) - Transfer 

(24:40) - Compounding 

(34:00) - Depth vs context 

(40:50) - MIT challenge 

(1:00:50) - Focus

(1:10:00) - Role models 

(1:20:30) - Progress studies 

(1:24:25) - Early work and ambition 

(1:28:18) - Advice for 20 yr old 

(1:35:00) - Raising a genius baby?

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