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Sarah Fitz-Claridge - Taking Children Seriously

Sarah Fitz-Claridge - Taking Children Seriously

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Sarah Fitz-Claridge is a writer, coach, and speaker with a fallibilist worldview. She started the journal that became Taking Children Seriously in the early 1990s after being surprised by the heated audience reactions she was getting when talking about children. She has spoken all over the world about her educational philosophy, and you can find transcripts of some of her talks on her website.

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(00:00) - Intro 

(01:23) - Taking Children Seriously 

(05:46) - Are children rational? 

(08:08) - Coercion 14:56 Education 

(26:01) - Authority, discipline, and passion 

(30:41) - The psychological harm to children 

(33:29) - Dealing with toddlers 

(40:08) - Are we too optimistic about uncoerced children? 

(47:38) - Why is everyone wrong about children? 

(53:48) - Child labor 

(56:43) - Age of consent

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