I finished it last night. This may be my favorite interview of yours, well done!

Makes me think that there must be so many authors who are overlooked by the podcast circuit but that have a ton to say because they spent their lives building up unique expertise and knowledge, but nobody ever asks them to share it.

What if someone had done a long-form podcast with, say, William Manchester before he died?

I hope you will speak to Rhodes again, and discover other similar gems!

Cheers 💚 🥃

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Can't wait to listen to this one! Keep up the good work 💚 🥃

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Wow I just finished listening to the audiobook of Making of the Atomic Bomb. Brilliant work, blew my mind, no pun intended. Very excited to listen to this interview. Thank you for getting such a great guest!

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In this transcript, the scientist's name that Rhodes mentions is Rabi (Isidor Rabi), not Robbie.

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