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An example of someone who uses specific numbers which imply acceptable risk= https://slowboring.com/p/the-nuclear-policy-america-needs

Personal uneducated adjustment of those figures based on some of Austin's comments:

Article's death rates=2.8 natgas,.07 nuclear, 2.8/.07=40. Reduce by half because nuke plants run twice as safe as regulations require, reduce by half again because we've gotten lucky in what nuke disasters have happened. Result=10x nuclear deregulation is probably desirable

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haven't gone into the details here, thanks for the link!

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@dwarkesh loving the section on TPS and software engineering.

> So, in that book, was it the machine or the other one, the Toyota Production System book?

What's the link for 'the machine'? Also what's a good reading list for TPS?

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