Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa because Stalin was just about to attack the West he had accumulated 6 million men and 35,000 tanks.... why is this ignored or forgotten you act like Operation Barbarossa was Hitler just getting greedy.

It wasn't it was actually a huge success they took 5 million prisoners of War....lol.

Destroyed 34,000 tanks.

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Andrew Roberts is an old Boomer with old stale ideas.

His comment about January 6th tells us everything we need to know that and his love of General Petraeus or should I say General betray us

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I really enjoyed it, thanks for doing it, Dwarkesh. I have a couple of his books on my shelf, but haven't read them yet. Makes me want to bump them up! 💚 🥃

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Nov 26, 2023·edited Nov 26, 2023

this is misinformation.

the nazis never lost WW2, got to dig deeper into 400-500 year histories.


you can also watch live ukraine webcams


and people happily taking cell phone pics


as well as copycat photos from 2018/2015 in media


please stop rehashing news/newspapers/headlines.

Depth of Mind(-1) https://youtu.be/KSqvL-CSKIs?t=1875 or higher recursive thinking is required to not be deceived by false premises.

the chinese and russia are the ones that will be intended to be the ''world'' superpowers behind world governance after the west's wealth is extracted and targeted for demolition. why does wikileaks, ''NSA'' former snowden went to corrupt ''ABC'' and why is the lost of faith in government necessary? because implication is savior of humanity is in the ''east''. of course if you just study who funds everything. its clear national governments have no power, ever.

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> Andrew Roberts is the world's best biographer

Great podcast, although I think Robert Caro, Ron Chernow, and Doris Kearns Goodwin would be in contention for best biographer!

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