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Alexander Mikaberidze - Napoleon, War, Progress, and Global Order

Alexander Mikaberidze - Napoleon, War, Progress, and Global Order

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Alexander Mikaberidze is Professor of History at Louisiana State University and the author of The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History.

He explains the global ramifications of the Napoleonic Wars - from India to Egypt to America. He also talks about how Napoleon was the last of the enlightened despots, whether he would have made a good startup founder, how the Napoleonic Wars accelerated the industrial revolution, the roots of the war in Ukraine, and much more!

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(0:00:00) Alexander Mikaberidze - Professor of history and author of “The Napoleonic Wars”

(0:01:19) - The allure of Napoleon

(0:13:48) - The advantages of multiple colonies

(0:27:33) - The Continental System and the industrial revolution

(0:34:49) - Napoleon’s legacy.

(0:50:38) - The impact of Napoleonic Wars

(1:01:23) - Napoleon as a startup founder

(1:14:02) The advantages of war and how it shaped international government and to some extent, political structures.

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