aka. Why we need a director's cut of Stubborn Attachments

July 2022

In Part 1, I laid out the simmer scenario as an alternative to explosion, stagnation in collapse, in which growth slows down sufficiently to remain…
An alternative to explosion, stagnation, and collapse

June 2022

Why there will be many more effective altruist billionaires

April 2022

An interesting pattern recurs across the career of great scientists: an annus mirabilis (miracle year) in which they make multiple, seemingly…
10x engineers, tech bubbles, and the PayPal mafia

March 2022

I worked for ten years with John Tukey at Bell Labs. He had tremendous drive. One day about three or four years after I joined, I discovered that John…
On taking advantage of both extremes of risk and reward in friendship, caffeination, reading, dating, working, and more

February 2022

"People dismiss intellectual market makers who get famous off the spread between an interesting study and a New York Times best selling book. But…
Why volatility and youth are signals of potential

January 2022

"The universal explainers hypothesis is incorrect because it cannot explain why some animals are smart and some humans are stupid."

September 2021

Tony Kulesa recently wrote an interesting blog post explaining why Tyler Cowen is the best curator of talent in the world. It focuses on Tyler’s…