May 18 • 1HR 49M

29: Visakan Veerasamy - Singapore, Talent, & History

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Visakan Virasamy is an eccentric Singaporean who weaves together of sparkling web of insight, wit, and positivity throughout the world of twitter. He was part of the early marketing team at ReferralCandy, and a cofounder of, a Singaporean ecommerce t-shirt brand. He is best known for his prolific, labyrinthe twitter threads, and is the author of Friendly Ambitious Nerd and Introspect. Visa can usually be found rambling on Twitter or on his Youtube channel about the radical power of intentionally making friends, building communities, encouraging scenes of creativity, and how we might be able to bring forth a global golden age of collaboration in our lifetime.

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(0:00:00) - Visakan Virasamy - Introduction

(0:02:29) - Connecting People

(0:07:09) - Always hungry for thoughtful engagement

(0:13:23) - Raising ambitions

(0:24:47) - Singapore after the World War II

(0:31:39) - Is Singapore big enough to be the next intellectual hub?

(0:41:11) - Singapore is exactly the kind of place that could integrate other populations

(0:56:32) - Things that have the biggest impact on people’s lives.

(1:16:44) - If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

(1:33:46) - Most people don't experience being truly overwhelmed

(1:43:25) - Trusting people who screwed up more