Sep 28, 2021 • 2HR 11M

Roger's Bacon - Using Cults to Power Science

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Dwarkesh Patel
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Roger's Bacon is a pseudonymous blogger and the creator of the new Seeds of Science journal.

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(0:00:05) - Who is Roger's Bacon?

(0:05:03) - The need for scientific diversity

(0:10:50) - Why are our institutions so homogenous?

(0:19:35) - In defense of cults

(0:24:05) - Does innovation require isolation?

(0:32:16) - Diversity of institutions vs individuals

(0:36:05) - Can we create weird secret societies?

(0:42:40) - Secret longtermists and pseudonymous thinkers

(0:46:50) - Science needs religion

(0:54:50) - How contingent is science

(0:59:05) - Seeds of Science

(1:09:50) - Randomness in science

(1:14:55) - Why committees suck

(1:21:05) - Resetting institutions and reinventing ideas

(1:32:30) - Teaching at a STEM high school

(1:53:01) - Big picture thinking vs technical skills

(1:58:55) - Finding blindspots

(2:01:57) - Being realistic about the far future

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