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Byrne Hobart - Optionality, Stagnation, and Secret Societies

Byrne Hobart - Optionality, Stagnation, and Secret Societies

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(0:00:00) - Byrne's one big idea: stagnation 

(0:05:50) -Has regulation caused stagnation? 

(0:14:00) - FDA retribution 

(0:15:15) - Embryo selection 

(0:17:32) - Patient longtermism 

(0:21:02) - Are there secret societies? 

(0:26:53) - College, optionality, and conformity

(0:34:40) - Differentiated credentiations underrated? 

(0:39:15) - WIll contientiousness increase in value? 

(0:44:26) - Why aren't rationalists more into finance? 

(0:48:04) - Rationalists are bad at changing the world. 

(0:52:20) - Why read more? 

(0:57:10) - Does knowledge have increasing returns? 

(1:01:30) - How to escape the middle career trap? 

(1:04:48) - Advice for young people 

(1:08:40) - How to learn about a subject?

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