Sep 4, 2020 • 55M

8: Caleb Watney - America's Innovation Engine

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Caleb Watney is the director of innovation policy at the Progressive Policy Institute.

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00:20 America's innovation engine is slowing

01:02 Remote work/ agglomeration effects

08:45 Chinese vs American innovation 

16:23 Reforming institutions 

19:00 Tom Cotton's critique of high skilled Immigration

22:26 Eric Weinstein's critique of high skilled Immigration

26:02 Reforming H1-B

30:30 Immigration during recession

32:55 Big tech / AI

38:20 EU regulation 

40:07 Biden vs Trump 

42:30 Federal R & D 

47:20 Climate megaprojects 

49:35 Falling fertility rates 

52:20 Advice to 20 yr old