Jul 10, 2020 • 47M

4: Tyler Cowen - The Great Reset

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Tyler Cowen is Holbert L. Harris Professor of Economics at George Mason University and also Director of the Mercatus Center.   

0:00 The Great Reset 

2:58 Growth and the cyclical view of history 

4:00 Time horizons, growth, and sustainability 

5:30 Space travel 

8:11 WMDs and end of humanity 

10:57 Common sense morality 

12:20 China and authoritarianism 

13:45 Are big businesses complacent?

17:15 Online education vs university 

20:45 Aesthetic decline in West Virginia 

23:20 Advice for young people 

25:18 Mentors 

27:15 Identifying talent 

29:50 Can adults change? 

31:45 Capacity to change men vs women 

33:10 Are effeminate societies better? 

35:15 Conservatives and progress 

36:50 Biggest mistake in history 

39:05 Nuke in my lifetime 

40:35 Age and learning 

42:45 Pessimistic future 

43:50 Optimistic future 

46:28 Closing