Apr 12 • 1HR 4M

23: Bryan Caplan - Discrimination, Poverty, & Mental Illness

Dwarkesh Patel
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I interview the economist Bryan Caplan about his new book, Labor Econ Versus the World, and many other related topics.

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0:00:00 Intro

0:01:35 How many workers are useless, and why is labor force participation so low?

0:04:49 Is getting out of poverty harder than we think?

0:11:45 Are elites to blame for poverty?

0:15:58 Is human nature to blame for poverty?

0:20:13 Remote work and foreign wages

0:25:45 The future of the education system?

0:30:33 Do employers care about the difficulty of a curriculum?

0:34:15 Why do companies and colleges discriminate against Asians?

0:43:03 Applying Hanania's unitary actor model to mental health

0:51:40 Why are multinationals so effective?

0:54:39 Open borders and cultural norms

0:59:15 Is Tyler Cowen right about automation?