Jan 31 • 1HR 24M

21: David Deutsch - AI, America, Fun, & Bayes

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David Deutsch is the founder of the field of quantum computing and the author The Beginning of Infinity and The Fabric of Reality.

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0:00:00 Will AIs be smarter than humans? 

0:06:34 Are intelligence differences immutable / heritable?

0:20:13 IQ correletation of twins seperated at birth

0:27:12 Do animals have bounded creativity?

0:33:32 How powerful can narrow AIs be?

0:36:59 Could you implant thoughts in VR?

0:38:49 Can you simulate the whole universe?

0:41:23 Are some interesting problems insoluble?

0:44:59 Does America fail Popper's Criterion?

0:50:01 Does finite matter mean there's no beginning of infinity?

0:53:16 The Great Stagnation

0:55:34 Changes in epistemic status is Popperianism

0:59:29 Open ended science vs gain of function

1:02:54 Contra Tyler Cowen on cvilizational lifespan

1:07:20 Fun criterion

1:14:16 Does AGI through evolution require suffering?

1:18:01 Would David enter the Experience Machine?

1:20:09 (Against) Advice for young people