Jan 3 • 58M

19: Discussing Where's My Flying Car w/ Rohit Krishnan

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Rohit Krishnan is a venture capitalist who writes about "the strange loops underlying our systems of innovation" at https://www.strangeloopcanon.com. 

We discussed J. Storrs. Hall's book Where Is My Flying Car?

Relevant essays from Rohit:

Review of Where Is My Flying Car: https://www.strangeloopcanon.com/p/wheres-my-flying-car

The Small Successes Of Nanotech: https://www.strangeloopcanon.com/p/a-progress-check-the-small-successes

Isolated Narratives of Progress: https://www.strangeloopcanon.com/p/isolated-narratives-of-progress

Meditations On Regulations: https://www.strangeloopcanon.com/p/meditations-on-regulations-quis-custodiet

Rohit's Twitter: https://twitter.com/krishnanrohit

Buy Where Is My Flying Car?: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Flying-Car-Storrs-Hall/dp/1953953182


00:00 Why don't we have flying cars?

08:09 Should we expect exponential growth?

18:13 Machiavelli Effect and centralization of science funding

27:55 We need more science fiction

32:40 The return of citizen science?

37:40 Have we grown too comfortable for progress?

42:15 Is India the future of innovation?

47:15 Is there an upper-income trap?

50:30 Forecasts for technologies