Aug 9, 2021 • 1HR 24M

16: David Friedman - Dating Markets, Legal Systems, Bitcoin, and Automation

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David Friedman is a famous anarcho-capitalist economist and legal scholar.  

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0:00:00 Dating market 

0:12:15 The future of reputation 

0:27:30 How Friedman predicted bitcoin 

0:35:35 Prediction markets 

0:40:00 Can regulation stop progress globally? 

0:45:50 Lack of diversity in modern legal systems 

0:54:20 Friedman's theory of property rights 

1:01:50 Charles Murray's scheme to fight regulations 

1:06:25 Property rights of the poor 

1:09:07 Automation 

1:16:00 Economics of medieval reenactment 

1:19:00 Advice for futurist young people